JSB Match Diabolo Schak Cal. .177


Order nr. Article Weight Diameter Pellets/tin Tins/case
001044-500 Diabolo SCHaK 4,49 mm 0,475g 0,475g 4.49mm 500 50
001045-500 Diabolo SCHaK 4,50 mm 0,475g 0,475g 4.50mm 500 50
001046-500 Diabolo SCHaK 4,51 mm 0,475g 0,475g 4.51mm 500 50
001054-500 Diabolo SCHaK 4,49 mm 0,500g 0,500g 4.49mm 500 50
001055-500 Diabolo SCHaK 4,50 mm 0,500g 0,500g 4.50mm 500 50
001056-500 Diabolo SCHaK 4,51 mm 0,500g 0,500g 4.51mm 500 50
001024-500 Diabolo SCHaK 4,49 mm 0,520g 0,520g 4.49mm 500 50
001025-500 Diabolo SCHaK 4,50 mm 0,520g 0,520g 4.50mm 500 50
001026-500 Diabolo SCHaK 4,51 mm 0,520g 0,520g 4.51mm 500 50
001034-500 Diabolo SCHaK 4,49 mm 0,535g 0,535g 4.49mm 500 50
001035-500 Diabolo SCHaK 4,50 mm 0,535g 0,535g 4.50mm 500 50
001036-500 Diabolo SCHaK 4,51 mm 0,535g 0,535g 4.51mm 500 50


Characteristics: They are offered in the same weight variations as the Diabolo Match pellets (light, middle and heavy weight). You can distinguish them easily according to the tape color, which is used to fix a lid, and with the color of the label on the bottom of each box. (green – light, yellow –middle, blue – heavy). It is possible to order them in various diameters (see Match). The only difference to the Match products is the speed of the check out control which is done faster than for the Match pellets. For this reason the SCHaK products may be offered at a better price. An ideal choice for training!



The Match series consists of the former models, which is also confirmed by the name of the company, from which it has been derived. The tradition goes back to 1991. This considers the top ammunition for ISSF competitions, known all around the world. High precision when processing these products is significant for the whole range of the produced ammunition. Match pellets undergo a very thorough hand-picked quality control. Thanks to this the top sportsmen can rely on the quality of the JSB Match Diabolo.

It is designed to be used for target shooting at 10 meters. Because of that they are equipped with a flat head, so that they can cut as precise shot into the paper targets as possible. They are produced in a wide range of variants (weight and diameter), so that they can be ideally produced for every single weapon. The consistency of the weight and dimensions is on the highest possible level.

Ammunition tested by 10 meter shooting. The required result after five shots is an centre to centre of up to 1,5 mm.

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