K&L FX Impact Sling Loop Plate.

Kraford & Lypt


The Sling Loop Plate is an ambidextrous plate that allows you to seamlessly attach a sling to the FX Impact. 
Made out of anodized 6061T6 aluminum, the Sling Loop Plate is a lightweight and easy way to keep the strap in place on the butt of the rifle. 
The hole on the plate is wide enough to use any standard 1.5 inch sling. Our Economy Black Sling is sold separately. The front part of the sling can go around the bottle, or you can purchase a "picatinny sling mount" to attach to any of the picatinny rails on the FX Impact. 

In order to make the loop on the left side of the rifle, simply flip the plate and the holes will align. Note that with the OEM cheek rest or the Kraford&Lypt cheek rest, you won't be able to flip the plate. We are currently prototyping a left handed cheek rest that can accommodate this plate. Feel free to contact us for more information. 


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