Evanix Air Speed 480 Semi Auto PCP Air Rifle


$2,509.00 - $2,969.00

Restricted in Western Australia! 


The Evanix Air Speed is a semi automatic PCP air rifle. Its reliable semi automatic action works by using air from its air supply to cock the hammer and chamber the next pellet from the detachable magazine. The Evanix Air Speed is ideal when quick follow up shots are needed for pest control or just good fun. It features a carbon fiber air tank, ambidextrous stock and much more. Light and well balanced all adds up to a comfortable, fun rifle to shoot.       


Semi Automatic air rifles are legal in Australia in all states except WA on a category A license.


Action: Semi Automatic
Air Capacity: 480cc
Mounting: Picatinny rail
Caliber: .177 / .22 / .25 / .30
Max Energy: .177 N/A / .22 - 41 ft/lbs / .25 - 48 ft/lbs / .30 - 70 ft/lbs 
Magazine Capacity: .177 12rds / .22 10rds / .25 9rds / .30 7rds 
Pressure Gauge: Yes
Weight. 3.3kg
Stock: Ambidextrous thumb hole
Safety: Manual
Length: 103cm and 113cm in Cal. .30



  • Adjustable power
  • Non Regulated 
  • Carbon fiber air tank
  • Pressure gauge
  • Detachable magazine
  • Air filling port dust cover
  • Soft touch stock


 Please note: Scope & scope mounts not included 


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